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Free Shipping for orders over $120 in Australia!
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Custom Crystal Grids

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 Allow Dellanova to create a bespoke crystal grid just for you or a loved one. Our custom crystal grids are designed for a specific person in mind and are made to order meaning your crystal grid is one of a kind! Each crystal grid comes with an explanation of why the crystals were chosen to represent you. This makes for a special gift or keepsake to represent an intention or person.


Examples of custom grids have included;

- Special grids created for two sisters to represent who they are.

- A new couple coming together and creating a blended family.


All our crystal grids are set to the Sacred Geometry called the Flower of Life. This pattern is the building blocks for life and connects us to the universe. Our crystals are sourced from various suppliers across Australia and are selected and placed with the recipient in mind.


You have the option of two framed options;

- a standing frame, perfect for the desk, bedside or on a shelf (15cm by 20cm);

- a hanging frame with an internal border, which looks stunning as a feature art piece in your home (the frame is 23cm by 28cm).


Once you have placed your order, please ensure you have included your email address as this will be how we reach out for the following information;

The recipient's name, recipient's birth month, and a few key words which describes the recipient; what are their interests or personality traits, or is there something they are trying to achieve or to represent a key milestone. These grids are personal so include whatever it is you would like represented in the grid and we will select the best crystals we think represent them. 


If you need to get in contact to discuss please email


Please note, as these are custom we do have a longer processing time. Please allow 5 working days once the order has been confirmed for the grid to be created and sent.