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Cleansing Spray
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Cleansing Spray

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Our cleansing spray is an alternative to burning sage bundles to cleanse your house from negative energy. 

Natural Lemongrass and Sage fragrance has been used to create a subtle spray that can be used as a general room spray or as a cleansing spray. Sage smoke is used to disperse negative energy however sometimes it is not viable for people to cleanse this way, that’s why our spray is perfect for those who find smoke irritates them, or if your in a living situation that wouldn’t permit it. 

Once you cleanse the space, the crystals included in the spray have been included to fill the space with positive energy. Amethyst promotes calming energy and is perfect for creating a space which is inviting and allows you to relax. The Tourmaline is to block negative energy from returning and to foster positive energy instead.

To use, spray three or four times in each room work clock wise around the room. Open the windows. Repeat a positive mantra or prayer as you are performing the cleansing to put your new intentions out into the universe. 


-Distilled Aqua

- Polysorbate

- Preservative

- Lemongrass and Sage natural fragrance

- Amethyst and Tourmaline