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Candle Care


Candle Care

Please keep your Dellanova candle out of direct sunlight. This will prevent the possible melting of the candle in hot temperatures. Ideally, your candle should be stored in a cool dry place. Never light your candle where it is located in an enclosed space like a bookshelf. 

When lighting your candle, please burn it until the entire top of the candle is melted before putting it out. This will ensure the next time you light your candle there will be a cleaner burn and will leave the top of the candle nice and smooth and will avoid craters being created in the wax.

Ensure when you are burning your candle that it is in a location where there is no draft, this can also impact whether your candle burns evenly or not. 

To avoid any discoloration forming on the inside of the candle, you can clean the inside with cloth and ALCOHOL FREE cleaner. Please do not use alcohol products and only clean when the candle is not lit.

Crystal Care

The small crystals on top of each candle can remain in the candle as it burns. However it is suggested to remove the tumbled stone while it is burning, but can be replaced on top once the candle has been put out after each use! Be careful with the crystals around small children as they can be a choking hazard.

Wick Care

As the wicks are wooden, it may take a couple of goes to get it lit the very first time. After each use, once the wooden wick has cooled, trim and remove the burnt areas from the wick that can easily be removed. This will ensure a cleaner burn the next time you light your candle.

If you are finding your flame is flickering a lot or there is black smoke coming from the flame, it may be the wick needs to be trimmed to remove the charcoal. Candles also can let off black soot if they have been left burning for too long.