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Custom, Bulk, Wholesale Orders

Dellanova Crystal Candles are designed with the customer in mind. And while we continue to expand our range, sometimes a special occasion calls for a special candle. 

Bulk Orders

If you have a special occasion and need a large quantity, why not get in contact with us to discuss! Minimum order is 10 candles. All candles are made with a wooden wick. Each candle will come in a plain white box. 

We can also order in a range of jars, so please get in touch with the style of jar and we can provide a cost based on this.

Your choice of fragrances currently are;

  • Jasmine and Neroli 
  • Jasmine, Rose and Orchid 
  • Lavender and Ylang Ylang
  • Marshmallow Musk

Or unscented :)

If there is a fragrance not listed that you would like, please get in touch as we may be able to get this in for you :)

Shipping will be calculated separately, however the most cost effective shipping method will be sought to try and keep costs down. 

This is a perfect option for;

  • Bridal showers
  • Weddings (candles for center pieces)
  • Milestone birthday celebrations
  • Events
  • Other special occasions

So what is the process?

Send us an email with the number of candles you are wanting, the fragrance you are after and the date you need it by and your delivery postcode (for calculating postage). All candles come with a warning label and candle care card. Please note, while the candles do come in individual boxes, they do not come with labels for the front. If this is something you are after, we will seek a quote from an external printer who undertakes all our printing and pass this cost directly on to you (we won't take a profit on this).

We will respond with a quote with the price, shipping and time frame and if you agree, we will require payment for the candles and postage up front. This is non-refundable as we will be ordering stock specifically for you.

Please email for a quote.

Please allowing 3 business days for a quote, we may need to check with suppliers to ensure we can get the amount that you require in the time frame specified. This is particularly difficult at the moment with obtaining fragrance oils due to shipping issues for raw materials however we endeavor to keep you informed if anything arises which means we cannot fulfill your order as requested.

At a minimum, we would need at least a month to complete bulk orders due to the nature of our business only being a small business, we only keep limited stock for our day to day operations and make stock as required. This means we may need to order in additional jars, crystals or fragrance oil from our suppliers.


We offer custom orders on a couple of our products. These include;

  • For bulk orders on crystal candles we allow for customisation. This is at the discretion of Dellanova and this will be communicated if the request cannot be fulfilled though we will try our best to meet your needs!
  • Our crystal grids can be customised. If you have a particular person in mind where one of our premade crystal grids aren't quite hitting the nail on the head, get in touch and we can do a custom grid. We will ask for traits or characteristics of the person so we can find the best crystals for your grid :) 



If you are interested in stocking Dellanova products wholesale, please email to start the discussion. 

You will require an ABN as wholesale is for business sales only. If you are wanting bulk for personal use, please look above at the bulk section.