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Free Shipping for orders over $120 in Australia!
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Written Tarot Readings

Prior to making candles, I had a small side business reading tarot cards. I have been reading Tarot for 8 years and my style is providing written readings to allow the story of the cards to come to me as I put all the pieces together. I see the cards as telling a story and a story that needs to be told. I find I can provide a more thoughtful readings this way. It also gives you record of your reading so you can review your reading in months to come. 

Each reading is sent via PDF along with a photo of the cards used. When placing your order, you will need to provide an email address.

I offer basic three card readings through to more thorough 10 card readings. 

All readings are confidential. 

I do not do readings pertaining to health related questions, please consult a health professional if you have health concerns.