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Plants and Crystals

I always try and incorporate crystals into various things throughout my house. I first started with a modest crystal collection, with my collection filling up shelves and taking over my side tables in my bedroom. They filled my pockets and you could always guarantee you could find a Tigers Eye  at the bottom of my hand bag somewhere.

It then moved on to infusing my own candles with crystals, and making my own room cleansing sprays with crystals. And with my crystal collection continuing to expand on a weekly basis, I turned my attention to what else I could use crystals for, with crystal grids being something I was particularly interested in. One idea, I thought, could be to do crystal grids around plants only to learn crystals can be used to help protect, stimulate and grow plants, giving both an aesthetic but a practical reason to adding crystals to your pot plants.

While not a lot exists on plants and crystals, I have compiled below a list of crystals said to help benefit plants.

Crystals for your plants

The following crystals are said to help with the growth of plants. Crystals can be included towards the roots to help stimulate root growth. Other crystals can be on top to encourage plant height and leaf development. Some crystals are also said to assist with healing plants or warding off pests.

  • Moss Agate (known as the Gardeners Stone)
  • Citrine (for strength and regrowth and pest)
  • Green Aventurine (growth)
  • Clear Quartz (growth)
  • Tigers Eye (growth and pest)
  • Rose Quartz (growth and healing)
  • Malachite (healing)
  • Tree Agate (growth)
  • Moonstone (growth)
  • Amethyst (healing)

The below plant crystal grid is one I did for my rubber plant.

I used four large and four medium clear quartz points on top and clear quartz chips towards the roots to help promote growth. Clear Quartz is also known as the Master Healer stone, can be "programmed" for specific intentions and amplifies other crystals.

I also included four large raw Rose Quartz on the top to give off loving vibes to the plant to help with its growth. It is also said that it is a good healing stone for plants so its not a bad one to have "just in case!". I have also sprinkled a few Rose Quartz chips around.

Citrine tumbled stones finish off my plant grid. Citrine is a stone which can represent strength and helps with regrowth however I have also read that Citrine can help repel pests.

Plant crystal grid

Garden with crystals Dellanova


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